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The Value of Bonds

We do what we do for a very simple reason: We have a deep and profound love for animals. And we are truly touched by the bond you share with your pet. We always go the extra mile for you, because you really do matter to us. So just know that when you bring your pet in, you’re not only getting the best care for your dog or cat, you’re helping our family grow a little larger.

Our Services

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    Preventative Medicine

    The adage goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Preventative medicine saves lives. It allows us to catch problems early when they’re easiest to treat, and gives your pet the best chance at a long and happy life!

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    By the age of 3, most pets show signs of periodontal disease. There is a clear and important link between your pet’s oral health and their quality of life and lifespan. Periodontal disease is not only silently painful, it can actually damage internal organs over time.

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    There are so many important reasons to spay or neuter your pet:
    ○ Reduce the number of homeless pets killed
    ○ Improve your pet’s health
    ○ Reduce unruly behavior
    ○ Save on the cost of pet care

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    Vaccinating your pet protects them from a range of harmful diseases – from rabies to distemper, and everything in between. We’ll educate you on which vaccines are important (based on your pet’s lifestyle), and will set up a vaccination plan to keep your pet safe and happy!

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    When the root of a health issue isn’t obvious, modern medicine turns to advance technology to perform diagnostics. Rest assured that no stone will go uncovered to offer your pet the best treatment they could possibly get.

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    We are a full service veterinary facility that practices with only the highest standards of veterinary medicine. We also provide:
    ○ Surgery
    ○ Microchipping
    ○ End-of-life Care
    ○ Pharmaceuticals
    ○ Cardiology
    ○ And more!

What to expect

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a smiling face from the front desk. We’ll get you checked in, learn about any pressing issues that you’d like examined or questions you’d like answered, and will handle all the basics – such as taking your pet’s weight. A nurse will guide you into your private room and will ask you a bit more about your pet, and then our veterinarian will come in to talk with you, examine your pet, and provide any care that’s necessary. It all starts with calling us. So go ahead, give us a call – we can’t wait to meet you!

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What pet owners are saying about us…

I was in there yesterday with my little girl and as always Dr. Sulner was wonderful with her. I got a tour and met the new vet tech who was also great and played with Happy! Highly recommended for all your veterinary needs


Dr. Sulner is an excellent Vet who’s treated my dog the past 9+ years. I’m so happy to see she opened her own office! She has tons of experience and really takes the time to address you and your pets needs.


I most highly recommend Dr. Sulner and Happy Pets Veterinary Hospital. She is the best Vet we have ever seen, and she absolutely loves all animals, and treats them as her own. Dr. Sulner even makes house calls.